In the best of times, no one is more deserving of every opportunity, encouragement and support than the youth in our communities. In difficult times, parents, teachers, coaches and sponsors struggle to stretch their budgets to continue the high quality education and enriching experiences our children deserve. When it gets tough to go at it alone–our community needs a T.E.A.M. effort. Times Oil Corporation, a long time member of our community is taking the lead in developing the very T.E.A.M. our community needs. Times Oil introduces T.E.A.M., an exciting and innovative program to provide an infusion of support when the need is most critical. T.E.A.M.-Times Educational Alliance Mission! T.E.A.M grants have been awarded to the following schools/organizations.


Robinson Elementary-$4999.53
Norris Childers-$3500.00
Battleground Elementary-$1615.00
Third Creek Elementary-$5000.00
Lincoln Co Rotary Club-$500.00
Speak Up for Children- $500.00
Total GRANTS-$23,727.53


Lincolnton High School-$3613.00
Barnette Elementary- $4000.00
Southlake Christian Academy- $2000.00
Speak Up for Children- $500.00
Bradley Middle School-2500.00
Belmont Middle School-$7000.00
Total GRANTS-$27,226.00


Lincolnton High $4571.00
YMCA Lincoln County $3500.00
Speak Up for Children $2500.00
Victory Junction Gang $1500.00
Southlake Christian Academy $7567.00
TOTAL GRANTS- $19,638.00

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Battleground Elementary $5200.00
Iron Station Elementary $5000.00
Cramerton Middle $5640.00
Robinson Elementary $5700.00
Speak up for Children $2500.00
YMCA Lincoln County $1500.00
TOTAL GRANTS- $25,540.00


Fort Mill High $4000.00
York Comprehensive $4000.00
Stokesdale Elementary $4500.00
Blythe Elementary $4500.00
David Cox Elementary $4000.00
North Lincoln High $4000.00

TOTAL GRANTS- $25,000.00


Lincolnton High $4022.00
Lincolnton Middle $4000.00
GE Massey Stokesdale Elementary $5725.00
S Ray Lowder Elementary $1200.00
Pumpkin Center Intermediate $1800.00
North Lincoln Middle $4300.00

TOTAL GRANTS- $21,047.00